KITT-Simulator V2.6.2 released!

March 22, 2013 by Johan

The new version of the KITT-Simulator is finally released. I told you in the previous blog post I was going to release version 2.6.1, but I did some more coding today so it became version 2.6.2.
So feel free to download it in the download section!

2.6.2 changelog:

* Cleaned up the version numbers and websites.

* Added an option to insert a profile new name in the main screen (Change Profile)

* Removed the bonus code prompt from the bonus content.

* Changed some graphics

* Disabled the voicebox click. This got broken for some reason.

2.6.1 changelog:

* An error with the surveillance mode has been fixed

2.6.0 changelog:

* First of all, the runtime error has been fixed when launching the sim.
This was a bad programming mistake, but it has been solved.

* Some changes to the interface, like 3D buttons and some stuff moved.

* I tried to tune the Voice Commands a little but I’m not sure how it worked out….

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