The big announcement

March 9, 2015 by Johan

Today is the day. Now is the time. Time for the big announcement!

As you might know there has not been a new version since version 2.6.2. After releasing that version I started to think about what I wanted to do next.

I wanted to do something more. Something that could not be done with the programming language the KITT-Simulator V2 was built in. I had to choose a different direction. I did some small scale experimentation with a brand new programming language, and everything did work out, but development was slow. Because the language was new, I had to research all kinds of things to even get basic features done. After a couple of weeks I had next to nothing to show for. This was clearly not going to work for me.

A while later I thought of something new. Why not try it in the language I use every day!? My full-time job is as a web-developer. When I started building the KITT-Simulator V2 the technology just was not ready yet for something like this. But nowadays browsers are supporting so much. Especially Google Chrome. I love Chrome. It is a breeze to develop for and it supports a lot of new features.

The next day I decided to start building a proof of concept. It took a few days, but I made a lot of progress! I knew it. This was it.

Right now I’ve spend a lot of time on it, and I already recreated around 80% of the KITT-Simulator V2. This includes voice communication and a part of the dash. But I did not just want to recreate V2. I developed a brand new AI system, created subsystems to ”talk to” other systems and it all works flawlessly together. Because of this modular way I am building the new KITT-Simulator, it will be a lot easier to develop new features. This is something that the old version lacked.

So there it is. A completely new KITT-Simulator is coming and it is going to be entirely web-based. This also solves a big problem: you no longer need to have Windows! The new version runs great on OSX and Linux as well! And of course it will still work fine on Windows. As an added bonus it also runs on tablets and phones! Not all of the features are working perfectly on mobile devices yet, but it is a great start!

Now that this news is out, I will be posting regular status updates, screenshots and other forms of information.

Thank you for all the likes and the support, and remember: one man can make a difference!

– Johan

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